Taxes and fee setup

Taxes and Fees are added in Settings and can be set to apply to all or a select few listings. If a customer purchases an experience that has associated taxes and fees, they will be included as a separate line item in their Payment Summary. 

What's covered in this article:

Setting up Taxes and Fees

  1. Click Settings > Taxes & Fees from the left-hand menu.
  2. To add a tax or fee, click the blue Add Tax/Fee
  3. Type in a name for this tax or fee and fill out the terms.
  4. Click if this is a tax or fee
  5. From here, you can decide whether the tax or fee is a $ or a %.
    • If you choose $ then you can pick if it applies per person, per reservation, or per add-on. You can also choose if it will apply per trip or per day.
    • If you choose % you can pick if it applies to the entire booking amount, demographic amount only or if it applies to add-ons only.
  6. By default, the tax/fee will apply to all products - To assign a tax or fee to a specific product, click the pencil icon and then click the 'Select all products' checkbox to uncheck all products and select the products you would like to apply the tax/fee to. Click the blue Confirm button. 
  7. Click the blue Save button.


Next, set up your tax preferences by toggling on or off the Tax promotional value. To learn more about tax preferences, click here.  

When toggled on: taxes and fees will be assessed on the promotional value of gifts and vouchers. 

When toggled off: taxes and fees will be assessed on the purchase value of gifts and vouchers. The promotional component will be treated as a discount. 

All existing bookings will not be affected when this setting is changed.


Tax and Fee Terms

  1. Per Person
  2. Per Reservation
  3. Percentage

Per Person Tax or Fee

This is a fee that is charged based on the number of guests in a reservation. This can be set on a Per Trip or Per Day basis.

For example, let's say you have a"National Forest Permit fee"  of $45 per person. For a reservation consisting of two guests, a "National Forest Permit fee" of $90 ($45 x 2 guests) will be applied to that reservation. If the Per Day option is selected, it will apply the fee on a "per person, per day" basis for products that are more than a day long.

For example, let's say you have a "National Forest Permit fee" of $45 per person per day. For reservations consisting of two guests for a product that is two days in duration, a "National Forest Permit fee" of $180 ($45 x 2 guests x 2 days) will be applied to that reservation.


Per Reservation Tax or Fee

This is a fixed fee that is charged per reservation irrespective of the number of guests.

For example, let's say you have a "Raft fee" of $25 per reservation. For a reservation consisting of 2 guests, a "Raft fee" of $25 will be charged for that reservation. Even if you had 10 guests in that reservation, the Raft fee of $25 will remain unchanged.


Percentage Tax or Fee

This is a dynamic fee that is based on the total dollar value of a reservation. Unlike the previous two fees, this fee is configured as a percentage value.

For example, let's say you have a "State tax" fee of 10% configured. For a reservation of two guests on a product that costs $100 per person, a "State tax" of $20 ($200 x 10%) will be charged for that reservation. If it were three guests, the State tax would be $30.

By default, the percentage fee is applied over the entire value of the reservation. However, you can also choose to have the fee be of the demographic amount only. Doing this will apply the fee only to the demographic amounts themselves and will not apply to any add-ons that the customer opts to purchase.

For example, let's say you have a "State tax" fee of 10% and select the "Demographic amount only" drop-down option. For a booking of 2 guests (1 adult $100 and 1 Child $50) on a product with add-ons worth $50, the sub-total would come to $200 ($150 demographics + $50 add-ons). The State tax, however, would only be applied on $150 ($200 - $50 add-ons) and would come to $15.


Taxes & Fees in a Purchase

If a tax or fee has been applied to a product in Settings, it will automatically apply when a customer checks out for that experience. If there is only one tax or fee, it will appear as its own line item under the Payment Summary


When you issue a refund, you’ll also see a breakdown of the amount of tax or fee returned automatically to the customer.


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