Adding Xola buttons to a Squarespace is quite simple. This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to integrate the Xola booking buttons on your company website.

  1. Obtain Xola's Global JS Code. Navigate to Settings > Button Code and copy the code from section 1. 

  2. Paste JS code snippet in Squarespace

    • Login to the Squarespace admin dashboard.

    • Select Settings in the page's lefthand column.

    • Select Advanced.

    • Select Code Injection

    • Paste the Xola's Global JS code from section 1 as the very last item in the header text box that appears in this section.

    • Select Save.

  3. Obtain the checkout button code. Please follow these steps for finding the button code:

    • Login to your Xola account

    • Select Settings > Button Code

    • Under section 3, find the button you would like to link to and click the 'Copy' button to the right of the listing name

    • Button_Code___Xola2.png
    • Tip: Not sure what checkout type to use? Please see the Types of Buttons article for a more in-depth look at the different checkout types available to you. 

  4. Insert Book Now button Code on a Squarespace page.

    • Navigate to the Squarespace admin homepage.

    • Find the page you want to add a Xola checkout button to.

    • Hover over the space on the page to which you'd like to add buttons, and click on Edit in the black menu that pops up.

    • Hover again over the spaces where you want to add Xola buttons. Sideways teardrop shapes should denote the size and location of the page section you are about to create. You can click one of these and then choose the Code option.

    • Paste your Xola checkout button code.

    • Select Save.

    Tip: You won't be able to see the button immediately after saving. You'll need to visit the page's live URL to see how the button looks on the page.

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