Tv Monitor/Lobby Display App

The TV Monitor/Xola TV app allows you to broadcast the availability of your upcoming events to on-site guests. The app's display feature is designed specifically for large screen sizes, and you can customize what information is displayed for your products (availability, demographics reserved, assigned staff, etc). 

This app can help you reduce guest wait time by pre-empting questions like:

What's the next upcoming time that my group can purchase?

How many spots are available for X experience this afternoon?

What experiences are you running today?

How long does X experience last?

How much does X experience cost?

What's covered in this article:

How to configure

  1. Install the TV Monitor app from the Xola App Store.
  2. Visit in your browser.
    • This is where you can create a new display, customize what appears for a given display, and view a live display.
  3. Sign in using the same email and password used to sign in to your Xola account. 
    • To create a new display or configure an existing display, select the "configure your displays" link. 
    • To view the live version of a given display, select that display from the menu and it will open up in a new browser tab. You can use this page's URL to show this display on any screen using any browser.

How to create/edit a display 

Creating a new display and editing an existing one involve the same steps.

  • To create a new display: After signing in to and selecting the configure your displays link, select the add display button.
  • To edit an existing display: After signing in to and selecting the configure your displays link, select the display that you would like to edit.
  1. Enter display information
    • Name: This will be the name that appears in your list of saved displays. It is not customer-facing information. 
    • URL: Use this URL to access this display from any browser.  
  2. Customize appearance
    • Background: Customize the background of the display's header area by choosing a color or uploading an image.
    • Text Color: Choose a color for the text in the display's header area. Consider your choice of header background and choose a contrasting color.
    • Logo: Upload your company's logo, this will be shown in the display's header area. 
    • Logo Size: Choose a size for your display's logo; options include small, medium, and large.      
  3. Configure information filtering
    • Products: Select which of your products the display should broadcast information about.
    • Capacity: Choose which types of events this display should include. Similar to Xola's dashboard, options include:
      • Available (events with spots available to book)
      • Reserved (events with no spots available to book)
      • All Events (both reserved and available)
    • Time: Customize when events should be shown or hidden. Options include:
      • Show/hide tomorrow's events.
      • Automatically hide events within a certain time period before/after a given event's start time. 
  4. Customize event summaries
    • Availability: Choose between showing the number of available spots to be purchased or the number of spots already reserved.
      • Optionally choose to make the availability number for an event blink when it is near capacity. 
    • Duration: Choose whether or not to display the event duration.
    • Guides: Choose whether or not to display the names of staff assigned to an event. 
    • Demographics: Choose whether or not to display demographic types that have been reserved for an event. 
    • Price: Choose whether or not to display each event's price. 



How to access a display on a monitor via URL

Xola TV app displays can be accessed via URL on any device with access to an internet browser. 

To access the URL for a given TV App display:

  1. Visit in your browser.
  2. Sign in using the same email and password used to sign in to your Xola account. From here there are two ways to access a display's URL:
    • Choose a display from the "Choose a display" menu. This will open up a live version of the display in a new browser tab. Simply use this page as your display or copy this page's URL to obtain a link that will show this display in any browser.Screen_Shot_2019-04-18_at_2.07.16_PM.png
    • Alternatively, you can select the configure your displays link, then select a saved display and either select or copy the URL found in the URL section of the edit display page.

Example of TV monitor app display


As the day progresses, the TV monitor app will show a row for each upcoming event (depending on your settings). You can create multiple different "displays", allowing you to show different types of information on different monitors. 

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