Advanced Partner Management

With Xola's Advanced Partner Management tools, you can give your Partners more control over making their own Xola reservations, a Xola account view, use of credit line, the ability to see their reporting, and much more. 

What's covered in this article:

Partner Management

Partner Users

Partner Credit Line 

Partner Management

Xola's Partner Management feature will help you easily track reservations and partner commissions. Also, Partner Management will let you define each partner's commission level, discount applied for bookings they generate, communication and purchase preferences, and more.

To learn more about how to start with the basic Partner Management feature and set up your partners, click here

Partner Users

With the Partner user grant access, you can give your Partners access to log in to a Xola account, make back-office reservations, manage purchases made by them and their team and look at their commission's report.

  1. Once the Advance Partner Management app is installed from the App Store
  2. Go to Marketing > Partners > and click the gray pencil in the action column by the Partner.
    • Note: If this is your first time setting up a Partner, click the +Create a Partner button at the top, and read here.
  3.  A Xola account Admin must toggle on "allow login access" under either an existing or new Partner. Once this is toggled on the Partner will get an email asking them to set a password for their account.
    • To learn more about what the Partner sees when they log in or to give your Partner a guide to use this feature please, click here. Screen_Shot_2022-11-18_at_4.30.34_PM.png
  4. If you would like to see all the Partners you have granted login access to go to SettingsGrant Access> toggle on Show Partner
  5. This will show you all Partners, who are pending confirming the access, and if they are a child Partner this will show who the parent Partner is.Screen_Shot_2021-08-04_at_5.06.27_PM.png
  6. If you are wanting to use the Redemption App, you can set the product in which the Partner can use the Redemption App under the Permissions Tab. This will also restrict access to which products they can sell under their profile. 


Partner Credit Line 

Give your Partner the ability to make purchases with a credit line that you set for them. You can establish a limit to the line of credit for each Partner, and they can add their own funds to the credit balance. The Partner will have the option to add to the line of credit by using a Credit Card, Cash, ACH, Wire Transfer, Check, or Other. They will then use the line of credit to make purchases.  

Details of their credit line, their credit balance, and the ability to top-up their credit balance are available in Marketing > Partners on the Partner login and a Xola Admins login. 

To learn more about what the Partner sees when they log in or to give your Partner a guide to use this feature please, click here

To set up a credit line with a Partner

  1. Go to Marketing > Partner > Global Settings
  2. In Global Settings, you will toggle on Allow Partners to make bookings on credit
    • Once this is toggled on you will be able to toggle on a warning to your Partner if the credit limit falls below a certain percentage. You can set this percentage within this setting as well. Credit_Line.gif
  3. Next, you will need to set up the credit limit for the Partner.
    • Remember: This is a line of credit, so whatever amount you set, you are giving to the Partner upfront to use for bookings. 
    • Credit Limits are set at the Parent level and can be used by all Child Partners. 
  4. Go to Marketing > Partner > and click the gray pencil by the Parent Affiliate under the Actions column. 
  5. On the Bio page, enter in the amount you wish to give as a line of credit in the Credit Limit field. 
  6. Click Save


Note: Please make sure you have Allow login access toggled on for your Partner, so they can contribute to the Credit balance. 

How to add (top up) funds to the credit balance

  1. Go to Marketing > Partner > and click the gray money by the Parent Partner under the Actions column.
  2. A pop-up will appear and ask you the amount the Partner wants to contribute, and the payment method. 
    • If the Partner would like to contribute by Credit Card, they can when they log in to their user profile. See below. 


How the Partner adds (top ups) the credit balance themselves

  1. The Partner will log into their login. 
  2. Go to Marketing > Partner > and click the gray money by the Parent Partner under the Actions column
  3. A pop-up will appear and ask them the amount they want to contribute, and a Credit Card. 


Note: To learn more about how the Partner uses the credit line to make bookings, click here. 

How to refund the Partner top-up:

If you need to refund a top-up that a Partner made: 

  1. Go to Purchses> Hit the blue Balance at the top> Find the top up (you may have to select a different date range) 
  2. Click on the top-up once you found it> this will bring up a pop-up
  3. Fill in the amount and method you would like to refund
  4. Click Refund



Partner Commissions Report:

You can see what the general state of affairs is with your Partner - Who is selling the most of your tours? Do you need to shake down any affiliates for cash money? Are you behind in payouts to your Partners?

  • Go to Reporting > Partner Commissions.
  • You can toggle into the Pending view to just see where you need to collect or pay Partner
  • Collecting a Balance: Xola doesn't keep track of that transfer of money (we can't record when that PayPal payment or wire transfer or handover of cash occurs), but once that has happened, you can go in and click the Collect button. Then you will fill out the information in the next window so that this collection of cash registers in Xola reporting.
  • Paying Commissions: You can see if you owe commission money to any Partner. You can send them money (in any way you would like) and once it's processed, you will go into Xola, click Pay and fill out the information in the next window so that this registers in Xola reporting.
  • To reconcile the commission individually you can click on the Partners name, this will bring up the report with each transaction. Click on which transactions you would like to reconcile, and click reconcile. 
    • You can use the Partner credit balance as a method of reconciliation
    • When you click on ‘reconcile’, if there are insufficient funds in the credit balance, Xola will display an error message "Insufficient credit balance to reconcile. Please select another method."

Transactions/Earnings Report: 

  • If you would like to know how much money your Partners have been collecting in deposits, you can go to Reports > Earnings Report >and land in the Cash Flow view. Set the date range and you can see how much has been taken in as a Partner Deposit. You can easily click on Realized Earnings for a similar breakdown.

  • If you would like to export all of your purchases and see the Partner listed, you can go to Reports > Analytics > set the date range >Export Events. The CSV or Excel sheet will show the Partner Name and commission,  on that particular transaction.
  • Also, you will see all transactions that the Partner has made, in your transactions report.

    Note: For Partners who use the Credit Line for a transaction, the method of payment will show as other.

Manage Partner Report:

Here you can see the hierarchy of your Partners: 

  • Codes: Code given to your Partner to put into the checkout
  • Commission: The commission amount set 
  • Discount: The discount amount taken
  • Credit Limit: The limit you set for the Partner
  • Credit Balance: The balance the Partner has to use to make purchases. 
  • Action: Edit, archive, or add to the credit balance.



Emails sent to your Partner

Email sent to Partner when Credit Line is established: 


Balance is low from the Global Setting you established: 


When more funds are added to the Partner's Credit Balance: 



Partner Credit Line FAQs

  • Q: What if you have a Credit Limit set and now this Partner's parent is changed to another Partner, what will happen to the credit balance?
    • A: Balance not merged, nothing happens.
  • Q: Can you ever remove a Credit Limit for a Partner? 
    • A: Yes, you can update the Partner credit limit to $0 or allow the affiliate to exhaust this balance. 
  • Q: What happens to the Credit Balance for the Partners if the toggle for the global setting is turned off later?
    • Q: It will make the Partner credit limit $0 for all Partners with a Partner credit limit set
  • Q: Is there a processing fee for Partner Top Ups?
    • A: Yes, the processing fee will be taken out of the transaction after the transaction has been completed. Similar to how it works with other transactions on your account.  
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