Xola Roster

Your roster provides you with all the information available for a trip. Clicking into a trip timeslot takes you directly into your Roster view, where you'll see trip information including trip title, date and time, add-ons, guides, and trip capacity information. You’ll also find the names of all the reserved guests along with their contact information.

From within your event roster, you can take actions that affect all of the bookings within an event or actions that affect a specific booking within the event.

What's covered in this article:


Event actions

These actions will be applied to all the bookings within an event. All actions can be found on the top of the roster and include:


Booking actions

These actions will be applied to a specific booking within an event. All actions can be found by clicking the grey three dots to the left of the guest's name and include:


Sorting the Roster

Under the Guest section of the Roster, you can sort it by each column in ascending or descending order. Whether you are wanting to see all no-showed guests first, or balance due guests, you will be able to sort these columns. Simply click on the column title to sort it. 



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