Self-service for customers

Enabling Self-Service for date changes, cancellations and questionnaire edits is a great way to cut down on phone calls and get required information before trip time! When a customer receives a confirmation or reminder email for a listing that has Self-Service turned on, when they click the "Manage this Booking" button they are taken to a Self-Service page where they can change dates, cancel, or make updates to their questionnaire. If you use Xola's invoice feature you can even have customers self-service and make payment on the balance. 

What's covered in this article:

Enable Self-Service

  1. Navigate to the experience for which you'd like to turn on Self-Service.
  2. Click on the Self-Service tab on the left-hand menu.
  3. Tick on the boxes to allow for date changescancellationsquestionnaire edits, and/or allow customers to make payments. When you select date changes and cancellations you'll be asked to specify how many days prior to the original trip a customer can make this change.
  4. Click Save.

Self-Service: Date Changes 


Self-Service: Cancellations


Self-Service: Questionnaire Changes


Self Service: Allow customers to make payment

This toggle allows your customers to pay for their invoices via a link in an email sent to them.


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