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When you create a new experience or edit an existing experience, the Description tab will be where you enter into Xola some important details that will be presented to your customer throughout the purchase process.

Note: If you need to duplicate an existing experience you can easily do this by clicking the 3 dots next to the experience and clicking Duplicate. This can only be performed by Xola Admins. 

What's covered in this article:

Experience title

This is the name of the experience you offer customers to reserve online. This could be anything from the name of a walking tour to a canoe rental to the name of an escape room. It will appear during customer checkout, on the Xola back end, and in all email correspondence with a customer. 


Your customers will see this name when they click on this listing's Book Now button on your website.


  • Excerpt: This is the text that will appear to your customers when they are checking out online.
  • Description: This text is used when participating in Xola's optional distribution channels, meaning it will not be displayed to your customers when making a normal booking through a Xola checkout window. This text is also able to be used with Xola's WordPress plugin, in which case your customers will read the description. 

Meeting Location

You must drop a pin on the map in order to save the listing.

  • Meeting Location: This is the location where you would like your customers to meet you before departing. 
Tip: Do you operate or meet in an area that's off the grid? Use the text area under Meeting Location to describe where exactly it is your customers should go to meet you.


Here you can provide your customers who book with a list of items they can expect to be provided and inform them of items that they need to bring.

Cancellation Policy

Include your cancellation policy here to keep your customers informed ahead of time on company policy.

Other Considerations 

Use this space to include any and all important details that are not covered in their own field that you would like to relay to the customer after they book.


Here you can upload file attachments to be sent in your confirmation email, like a PDF or waiver for example.

Email Footer

Here, you can choose to override your global footer by toggling on.

Use the text editor tool to create a footer section that will appear at the bottom of your emails sent through Xola that pertain to this specific experience (for example, booking confirmation and reminders, booking modification, or emails sent via the communication sub-tab).


Here's what the above footer would look like when used in a booking confirmation or reminder email:



Delete a Listing

  • Navigate to Products> Experience.
  • Click the 3 dots next to the experience and click the Delete button

Note: Deleting an experience is permanent and cannot be undone.


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