Customer Analytics Report

The Customer Analytics report gives you a summary of how many customers made purchases across a given date range. This report can be useful for visualizing trends in customer volume across product offerings and seasons. It can be found by navigating to Reports > Customer Analytics

When choosing a date range, there are two options available:

Date of purchase: This will show how many customers placed a booking within the selected date range. 

Date of event: This will show how many customers are booked for an event that occurs within the selected date range. Using this filter will allow you to choose date ranges that span into the future.

You can also choose to filter your report by products. If 8 or fewer listings are selected, the bars in the corresponding chart will show sections for each product. On hover, you can see a breakdown of the total customer count for both the individual product as well as for the entire day.


Below the bar chart you'll find two additional reports:

Demographics: This will show the percentage total that each demographic represents across all purchases for the selected date range. 

Products: This will show how many of each demographic has been reserved across the entire selected date range. Screen_Shot_2022-09-27_at_9.17.02_PM.png

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