Distribution Channels

Distribution Channels allow you to receive bookings from 3rd party booking engines and marketplaces. 

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Distribution Channels Xola offers



Project Expedition 

Viator & TripAdvisor

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A few things to keep in mind:

  • Bookings received from Distribution Channels will always be auto-accepted.
  • Bookings received from Distribution Channels will not respect Trip Minimums set in your Listings.
  • If you wish to modify a customer's OTA booking, make sure you have the Modify OTA setting turned on in your preferences. You will then be able to make modifications to these bookings. 
  • If you modify an OTA booking, this booking will no longer be in sync with the booking record of OTA. If the OTA does not have the customer's email on file, you should reach out to the customer directly. If they do have an email on file, with the OTA, Xola will send them an email of the changes. 
  • Note: OTA bookings will not be able to use the Self Service feature if turned on for your customers. This will not show at the bottom of the emails sent to them. 
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