Flex level (guest pays)

Xola supports four different fee structures:

  1. Flex Level, Guest Pays
  2. Flex Level, Company Pays
  3. Flex Standard, Guest Pays
  4. Flex Standard, Company Pays

This article addresses frequently asked questions about Flex Level, Guest Pays -- where a 3% fee is assessed evenly across all transactions and is paid by your Guest.

Note: Your Xola account must meet certain the qualifications, to be on this fee structure. 

If you have any other questions please reach out to our Support Team at support@xola.com.

How much is the Service Fee?

The typical Service Fee is 3%.

The fee is assessed on top of your configured price. For example, if your experience has a price of $100, the final amount that the Guest is charged will be $103 ($100 + 3%). This way, what you receive in your account is what you had configured.

Here is an example of what a purchase may look like:


What is the Service Fee assessed on?

The Service Fee is assessed on the sub-total, before taxes & fees.

This means the Service Fee will decrease if you apply coupons or discounts to the reservation. Conversely, the Service Fee will increase if you have custom line items, add-ons, etc.

Who pays the Service Fee?

The Service Fee is paid by your Guest.

Is the Service Fee assessed on all methods of payment (including cash)?

Yes. The Service Fee is assessed on all methods of payment including cash, credit card, check, and any other custom payment methods you may have configured.

Does Xola keep all the Service Fees?

Xola only keeps Service Fees assessed on credit card transactions. In your transaction reports, you'll see these titled Service Fees.

Any fees assessed on offline methods of payment (cash, check, etc.) will not be taken by Xola and are yours to keep. In your transaction reports, you'll see these titled Guest Fees.


How are the Service Fees collected for deposits and split payments?

Service Fees are collected proportionally to the partial amount paid.

For example,

  • You have a reservation for $100 with a Service Fee of $3 (total price = $103)
  • Your Guest makes a deposit or split payment of $20.
  • Xola now determines the proportion of the payment to the full amount (i.e. how much is $20 out of $103). In this case, it comes out to 19.42% (20/103).
  • Xola then takes 19.42% of the $3 Service Fee, which comes out to $0.58.

This is how the transaction would appear in your reports.


Can I customize how Service Fees are shown on checkout?

If the Guest is paying the Service Fee, it will show in your checkout. You have two options to show this fee.

     1. Show the Taxes and Fees as separate line items when hovered over:


     2. Show Taxes and Fees as one simple line item, that combines them together: 


You can configure whether the Service Fees are lumped with your other taxes & fees, or if it is displayed separately. See Checkout Preferences.

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