Resource Management

Resources are items like equipment or guides that you use to run your experience. Equipment resources can be configured to only allow certain tours to run at once or automatically keep track of how many pieces of equipment are in use so you don’t get overbooked. Guide resources allow you to avoid accidentally double assigning a guide as well as notifying a guide when they have been assigned to an event. 

Oh, Wait!
Not everyone needs to set up resources, maybe you don't need to either. If your experience doesn't require resources to be reserved for use, please skip to the next article.

First, let's set up a piece of equipment.

  1. Navigate to Resources  > Equipment
  2. Click the add button in the top right corner
  3. Name your piece of equipment.
  4. Add a count, this is the number of identical equipment items. For example, if you have three buses that hold the exact same number of people, set the count to 3
  5. Set the capacity. This is the number of spots a single equipment item can accommodate. For example, a bus with 10 seats should have a capacity of 10.
  6. Next, assign the Products that use this equipment. By assigning a piece of equipment to a product, you are telling Xola that this product requires this piece of equipment to be available. If this equipment is assigned to multiple products, Xola will only allow availability for these products if this equipment is not already in use. 
  7. You have the option of adding a schedule of equipment available on the next tab. If you leave the schedule blank, Xola will assume it is always available.


Now, let's configure a Guide

  1. Navigate to Resources  > Guide Management
  2. Click Add Guide
  3. Start by adding a namephone numberemail address, and a short bio of the guide.
    • Only the name and email address are required to set up a guide.
  4. Once you click save, you will go back into the guide to add a schedule for the guide and a photo (if needed). The photo represents the guide to your customers. Xola will only allow you to assign a guide to an experience if they have scheduled availability.

Note: You must have a schedule for your guide, in order to assign them to an event.  


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